~ * ~ * ~

Hi Gigi,

I just wanted to say thank you for the healing circle on Tuesday. It was soooooo good for me.

I can’t truly express in words how incredibly wonderful I feel afterwards… it’s like waking up fresh to a brand new happy outlook.

I was just telling Toni Ann today how spoiled and blessed I am to have Gigi right here in Norwalk where I live.

Talk about being sent a gift from the angels…!!

See you soon,

Angel Hugs and Blessings,

— B.B. Norwalk CT

~ * ~ * ~


I feel so fortunate to have you as a teacher.

You are a very special person. Thank you for the
gift of Reiki. I hope to put it to use so others may benefit.

God Bless!

— L.C. Pre-school Teacher
Stratford, CT

~ * ~ * ~

Thank you Gigi,

For this wonderful opportunity that I may grow and heal and be a conduit of the beautiful Reiki rays for others. I respect your work as Master teacher and admire the strength of your faith in what you do!

Thank you for sharing the love within your beautiful heart that opens its door to the angels’ work, light and energy.

I am so honored and happy to receive my Master Attunement at the Angelic Healing Touch Center.

I will remember this day.

May love surround you always,

— P.M.
Westport, CT

~ * ~ * ~

Dear Gigi,

Thank you so much for the Reiki healing Monday. It felt wonderful and I still was “loose” and calm on Tuesday! See you on the 26th.

— E.P. Office Worker
Norwalk, CT

~ * ~ * ~

Dear Gigi,

I just wanted to thank you for all your help and assistance in discussing Reiki with me. You’re a valuable, knowledgeable resource – I’ll see you soon!

— L.C. Reiki Master
Newtown, CT

~ * ~ * ~

Dear Gigi,

Thank you for all your efforts and your pure heart at the healing last Saturday. You are absolutely right about integrity.


— Rev. B.G.
Norwalk, CT

~ * ~ * ~

I have experienced Reiki healing sessions before, focusing on pain relief. But this time I had a Reiki healing session with Gigi, who used essential oils. It felt incredible.

The Reiki energy healing sessions with the oils really helped. My pain level decreased to nothing for the first time in years.

Gigi used her intuition and her knowledge of the oils and we came up with some oils we thought would work and they sure did!

Thank you.

— J.P. Librarian
Darien, CT

~ * ~ * ~

Hi Gigi,

I took your Reiki I class October 2002. I just wanted to touch base and let you know how things are going. I am using my Reiki almost every day. It seems to work best on me but I have also helped my son with headaches and my husband with very sore feet. I must say, he must have been in a lot of pain to accept my offer of Reiki. He was truly amazed when his feet felt better right away. The first time I applied Reiki touch to my daughter, she felt something like an electric current pass through her limbs. Wow, was I surprised (and pleased) to hear this.

I want to thank you again for passing the blessing of Reiki on to me. It has truly been a blessing.

— B.T.
Wilton, CT

~ * ~ * ~

I have actually already begun using my Reiki training more and more in my church work and in my personal life. Since I took Level I training 7 months ago, I have not had a sinus infection, and I have for the first time in 18 years successfully fought off an attack of poison ivy. My brother-in-law, whose kidneys have shut down, received great benefit from our Reiki sessions in terms of relaxation and meditation, and I am hopeful that the long-distance healing will help him be healed more fully in terms of his kidneys. Additionally, my middle son (aged 24 and a great skeptic about Reiki) has agreed to let me do Reiki with him before and after his wisdom teeth are all pulled next week. My hope is that this will help him heal more quickly and with less pain, if he can receive Reiki willingly.

Regarding church work, during retreat for Children and Youth ministers I had half a dozen 15-20 minute Reiki sessions with people during their quiet meditation time. In addition, I have used Reiki during hospital and nursing home vi sits.. And lately, I have begun to make a few appointments with parishioners who have heard about my training and who wish to benefit from all the healing which Reiki has to offer.

I love what I have learned about Reiki so far, and would like to continue with Karuna Reiki, and also to learn to combine yoga with Reiki, and Reiki with magnetic therapy, and of course, Reiki with essential oils.

— A.M.
Episcopal Priest

~ * ~ * ~


Reiki is the only thing that helps my stressed-out neck and the messages about my angel and aura also relax me.

— S.G. Insurance Executive
Stamford, CT

~ * ~ * ~

I received the clarity I was looking for and peaceful energy.

— S.N. Psychiatrist
Ridgefield, CT

~ * ~ * ~

I feel recharged. Now I am ready to see patients again.

— L.A.D Chiropractor
New Canaan, CT

~ * ~ * ~

I have always believed that things come to us as we need them, so the day I dropped a Continuing Education flyer out of my mailbox onto the driveway and it opened so the first things my eyes caught was Reiki, I accepted that as a clear sign of Divine Intervention.

I have always sensed that there is an infinite universal supply of energy out there; I just didn’t know until Reiki that it could be harnessed and used for a mind, body and spirit balance.

While I initially adopted Reiki as a means of pain control for myself, I now use it to enhance my meditations as well. I am amazed at the shifts that have taken place in me since then. In spite of the day’s challenges, my responses have a gentler, more peaceful way about them. My energy level feels higher, and my connections with everything, from people to experiences, are more enhanced. Others have seen the change in me as well, and I am able to control pain much more effectively.

My initial connection with Reiki was self-serving. Going forward, I would like to share this gift with others who are open to this technique.

— D.P.

~ * ~ * ~

As a result of taking Reiki I and II with Gigi, I began to feel a change in myself. I felt a sense of feeling more joyous and free. I could feel the energy within growing. After working on my cat, I could see an improvement whereby he was walking with more ease. It is such a wonderful feeling to be able to help him. I also had done some distant healing and heard that it had helped. As a result, I knew more than ever before, that I had to move onto my mastership program.

Since I have been doing Reiki on a regular basis while working towards my mastership requirements, I have seen many more wonderful things happen with the use of Reiki, even if just for relaxation, the healing of a massive bruise, the improvement of depression and also self-healing after a severe fall. I feel that Reiki is fulfilling a life-long desire to help people.

— D.E. Executive

~ * ~ * ~

Reiki came into my life in the spring of 2002. I was so drawn to Reiki that I decided to further my studies by taking Reiki I and Reiki II certification classes in the fall of 2002 with the Angelic Healing Touch Center.

I left those classes with such a feeling of elation. After doing self-treatments on a daily basis, I could see how Reiki began to help me cope with some past traumatic life experiences and allowed me to heal those old emotional wounds. I could feel everything suddenly fall into place and I became more in balance with my emotions. As I continue using Reiki, the warmth and love of this energy opens my heart. I have made new friends through the Reiki shares and there is such a sense of inner peace and unconditional love surrounding me when we share Reiki together. I am not sure why Reiki came to me. I have been told that Reiki finds a way to find you when you are ready for Reiki. I do believe circumstances brought me into contact with a Reiki Healer just when the time was right and when I was ready to learn about healing.

— K.W. Paralegal
Stamford, CT


~ * ~ * ~

Angelic Reiki Blessings in Love and Light
Gigi B. Reiki Master/Teacher