Payment and Appointments

Payment in office is Check or Cash — only one gift-certificate or special coupon used at one time.

If you cancel any prepaid class or Reiki session there are no refunds but only credit that can be used at any time in future for future Reiki Classes, Sessions or Crystals, bracelets / CD’s. You may transfer your credit it to a friend or family member — just bring the copy of the payment/gift certificate etc. with them & the one that has the credit please call or e-mail me yourself that you are transferring it.

It you are sick with cold or flu, cough especially on the first few days please do ask to reschedule. If less then 24 hours notice canceling fee will be applied. If appointment is after 5pm, then 48 hours notice is needed unless you reschedule at that time or are sick or there are other issues.

You will be asked to prepay or call on the day the appointment is wanted if you are forgetful of your past appointment times. Thank you for understanding so it’s fair for my time and others time and health.

My Polices on Hospital Request

I am available for hospital visits.

  • Cost is on a case by case basis discussed at the time of the request if possible.
  • Travel time will be included in fees if it’s no more than 10 minutes away from my office.
  • A one time session will cost more, or a 5 times paid ahead lower fee can be worked out (& prepaid if possible by a family member)
  • The length of time for each Hospital visit may vary. It is one cost, even if it’s less than an hour.
  • If you need a home visit if you are unable to have an in-office visit same as above.

I have met the CT requirements to be a Certified Hospice provider (I am familiar with confidentiality laws — Hepa, Health, etc).

* Please note one has to be “signed up with the Hospice agency” that I am with for me to come to you as a Hospice Reiki volunteer. I have to be “signed on formally” and I don’t have any more time to Volunteer but for my commitment for Hospice community. I am happy to help when I can. Sometimes I can send a Serious Reiki Student. Thanks for understanding.

~ * ~ * ~

Angelic Reiki Blessings in Love and Light
Gigi B. Reiki Master/Teacher