Jikiden Reiki

This workshop is for anyone new to Reiki, and for Reiki Practitioners and Reiki Masters of all levels.

Classes are normally scheduled for Friday–Saturday, or for Saturday–Sunday

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$350 Jikiden Reiki Shoden Training — Level 1 Eastern Style

Included in the Workshop:

  • We will have a very “high lineage”
  • Four attunements will be included
  • Your manual and two certificates (sent from the Jikiden Institute in Japan)
  • Gigi will share any latest info, as she continues to attend new classes

Payment Information:

  • Please pay $150 deposit to reserve your space (unless paid in full)
  • Deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable
  • Total payment is due 10 days before the workshop

~ * Contact Gigi for Class Dates ‧ to Sign Up ‧ for Payment * ~
Or use the PDF Sign-Up Sheet

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From a Formal Flyer:

  • A simple form of energy healing from Japan
  • Known as “Shinshin Kaizen Usui Reiki Ryoho”
  • The name translates as “Usui Treatment for the improvement of body and mind”
  • Jikiden Reiki is the original Reiki presented with credibility and clarity
  • Entirely free of Western influence
  • Its roots go back almost to the discovery of Reiki itself
  • It differs from “Western” style Reiki in its approach, attitude and ideas
  • You will experience Reiki in its original beauty and simplicity
  • It is unique — a Japanese Reiki with no Western Ties
  • It is much more than a relaxing therapy
  • A clear history of success with chronic illness
  • Proven for many years to be safe and effective
  • A very simple, non-religious therapeutic treatment that works whether you believe in Reiki or not
  • Includes all ideas and methods not previously taught in the West

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Angelic Reiki Blessings in Love and Light
Gigi B. Reiki Master/Teacher