Awaken the Healer (Affirmation)


I awake this morning to greater and deeper expressions of self-love. I am totally at peace “within.” I allow the healing power of self-love to create health, wealth, prosperity and happiness in my life now. Love heals, I am love. I am healed.


Today, I lovingly release all anger, guilt and judgment that I have directed toward myself or toward others. It is now safe for me to move past and beyond all negative and limited thinking and move into the healing power of unconditional love for myself and for others.


As I sleep tonight, I am bathed in the healing power of self-love. I allow my thoughts to be free tonight as I become one with the infinite force “within.” I am powerful, and I now use this power to heal all areas of my life.

—Affirmations to Awaken the Healer
A Prayer by Michael K. Wilson

~ * ~ * ~

Angelic Reiki Blessings in Love and Light
Gigi B. Reiki Master/Teacher