Continuing Education

Classes taught by Gigi Benanti, Reiki Master

Gigi regularly teaches the following courses in various continuing education programs throughout Fairfield County, CT.

Towns Included:

Fairfield ‧ Norwalk (Community College Extended Studies) ‧ Norwalk (Continuing Education) ‧ Westport ‧ Trumbull ‧ Wilton ‧ Stamford ‧ Greenwich

~ * Please see your town’s continuing education catalog for details * ~

Reiki: An Introduction

Learn about this special light touch energy healing that everyone is talking about.

  • Safe ‧ Gentle ‧ Nurturing
  • Positively affects body, mind, and spirit
  • Used for stress and pain reduction
  • Healing treatment is always received fully clothed

Reiki: Level One Class

Learn hands-on healing in this Reiki First Degree workshop which may help bring out your intuition and ability to see auras. Learn how to scan the body to perceive areas of reduced vitality and practice Reiki healing.

  • Three-session class
  • Upon completion you will receive a certificate and manual

Pre-requisite: Reiki Introduction

Can I See My Aura?

  • An aura is an energy field around your body
  • Tap into intuition as a way to see your aura
  • Learn about chakras (energy centers in the body)
  • Discuss personal angels

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Other courses offered through Continuing Education
Angels, Aura and Intuition
Creating Harmony with Aromatherapy
Meditation with Heavenly Essences

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Angelic Reiki Blessings in Love and Light
Gigi B. Reiki Master/Teacher