Reiki Shares

Reiki Shares help us continue with our Practice of Reiki as a Healing Technique and a Spiritual Practice.

  • My group likes a private Reiki share
  • Attending these will help you to receive the true essence of Reiki
  • All Certified Reiki Practitioners and all levels that have certificates from IN person Workshops are invited, even if I did not give you Reiki Training
  • Requested fee $20 — Please have correct change in cash

~ *Gigi hosts 3 to 4 Reiki Shares a month * ~

Reiki Shares include

  • Discussions
  • Updates
  • Meditations
  • Distance Healing
  • Self Healing and Hands-on

Ending time will depend on many how have joined us. Shares are not held on Major Holidays.

~ * Contact Gigi to R.S.V.P. * ~

Please provide your phone # if you RSVP by e-mail or texting.


This is a Reiki Healing Circle therefore ‘non’ Reiki practitioners are welcome!

This one is Held at 3 Main Street.
. .

Reiki Healing/ Exchange 1st Thursday at Unity Center 3 Main Street Norwalk Ct 7pm – to 9pm ( walk up stairs see door to left)
Here is the link
I hope you can join us. Gigi Benanti Usui Reiki Master/Teacher is the “Reiki Master” for the Reiki Exchange & ::: All are welcome.
All Reiki Practitioners are invited even if I don’t send you an invite/Reminder Please remember parking is on my parking lot or on my side of the street. Thanks.

Reiki Shares for Reiki Practitioners only.

1st & 3rd Tuesdays 7:30 pm- 9:45 Fee $10 to $20 per person.

% given to charity Must R.S.V.P. calls or e-mails before 4 p.m.

Ongoing since 1996. Popular, powerful, peaceful, relaxing, fun, educational.

Free parking enter private center in the back downstairs.

All Reiki levels/styles invited, Usui, Western, Eastern Jikiden Reiki

(Reiki Shares include discussions, updates, Meditations, Distance Healing, Self, Hands-on)

Held at Angelic Healing Center, Gigi Benanti Reiki Master/Teacher, 7 Morgan Ave Norwalk

Jikiden Reiki (Koryu-Kai) Shares

(Eastern Style Reiki) for Jikiden Reiki Practitioner only $10-$20 per person.
Date may have to change each month so ask me when it is held at A.H.C.7:30pm-9:30pm.

I will guide when needed & or may have a topic ready for us too. Any Jikiden Practitioners can start a discussion about anything that we learned in the classes for help or comments from others. Then we will share Jikiden Reiki with each other on Treatment table. I will e-mail you with the date a few weeks before each one ,right now thinking about 2nd Wednesday.

Held at Angelic Healing Center ,Gigi Benanti Reiki Master 7 Morgan Ave ,Norwalk Ct.

Click here for Reiki Shares postcard.